• Breaking the Silence around Sibling Sexual Abuse

    Breaking the Silence around Sibling Sexual Abuse Podcast

    When we share our stories, we are reminded of the humanity in each other. And when we take the time to understand each other’s stories, we become more forgiving, more empathetic and more inclusive. Michelle Obama I greatly respect Bruce and Denise Morcombe, founders of The Daniel Morcombe Foundation. If you don’t know their story, what happened to their young son and the investigations in the ensuing years, was something you might wish to read about via their website. The Morcombes live and deliver their Keeping Kids Safe programs out of a hinterland town just 40 minutes down the highway from where I live. That’s where I went to record…

  • Unpacking the National Centre for Action against Child Sexual Abuse report

    Unpacking the National Child Sexual Abuse Attitudes Study

    Late in June, I attended a webinar titled In Conversation: The Australian Child Sexual Abuse Attitudes, Knowledge and Behaviour Study: What can we learn to inform our collective effort? It was hosted by the National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse. Dr Leanne Beagley moderated the conversation, which brought together the CEOs of the National Centre’s three founding partners: the Australian Childhood Foundation, Blue Knot, and the Healing Foundation. This was the first time I’d attended a live webinar on such a topic before, and it was intriguing to hear what was being researched and then how this research provided valuable insights into community perceptions and knowledge about child…

  • Bright Futures Live Webinar - Stuart Allardyce on sibling sexual abuse

    Exploring Insights on Sibling Sexual Abuse

    Last July, I released Resolve, where I integrated insights gleaned from various research papers, articles, and reports to demystify sibling sexual abuse. I have participated in some enlightening forums, webinars, and presentations in June this year to reconnect with recent developments since completing my book. Over the next few weeks, I will share insights from these invaluable discussions that I trust will resonate deeply with our community. Let’s start with the Bright Futures Webinar on June 19, featuring Stuart Allardyce, hosted by the Daniel Morcombe Foundation—a cause close to my heart on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Stuart Allardyce, a leading advocate and director at the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, focuses…

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