Need Support?

I’m sorry that you are here; I am also glad that you have come here.
Please know that you are not alone.
If you need immediate support, the counselling services and helplines I listed in the Introduction to Resolve are:

Kids Helpline is available by phone at 1800 551 800

Lifeline on 13 11 44

The Australian Government’s Australian Institute of Family Studies ( states that if you believe a child is in immediate danger, call the Police on 000.

The counsellors at Australia’s 1800RESPECT are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact them by phone at 1800 737 732 and by web chat via their website at


If your child is in danger in the United States, don’t hesitate to call the Police on 911

Also, in the USA, you can contact (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) to talk to someone who is trained to help.

Advocacy Organisations and Peer Support Groups specifically created to support those affected by Sibling Sexual Abuse

5Waves Inc. in the USA is 100% focused on sibling sexual abuse. Founded by five women who are survivors of SSA or parents of siblings affected by SSA. They offer education, support and resources for every person affected, including those who abused their sibling in childhood. You’ll find them at both and They also have a private Facebook group: in the USA has a podcast and two private peer support groups on Facebook, which I’m a member of: in the USA is an alliance of survivors, advocates, activists and support volunteers working to raise awareness. It offers services, education, bookstores, and survivor stories. 

Nancy Morris, a SSA survivor, psychology researcher and founder of #siblingstoo in Canada, began the annual international #siblingstooday in 2023. Go to her website,, where you can share your story anonymously and find events and a podcast. Nancy’s 2024 #SiblingsToo Day Resources Pack can also be downloaded. It will give you the links to many interesting interviews with survivors, researchers and professionals working in the field of SSA.

Me: What can I support you with?
  • I wrote my book for other survivors or those affected by sibling sexual abuse. If you haven’t yet read it, it is a respectful and gentle read. Read or listen to Resolve. I narrate the audiobook. Purchase a copy of Resolve, available in paperback, Kindle eBook, and audiobook formats on Amazon and all other online book and audiobook stores. If you live in Australia, you can also purchase signed copies of Resolve directly from me via
  • Share Resolve with someone you know who may benefit from its insights and perspectives. Alone is hard. Together is better.
  • Recommend Resolve to your local library, brick-and-mortar bookstore, your school and other educational institutions or community organisations. Together, we will increase awareness and support for yourself and other survivors of sibling sexual abuse.
  • Invite me to speak on your podcast or radio show, at your school, workplace or event to educate others about the impact of sibling sexual abuse and how we can support and empower survivors. 
  • Host an Alice Perle’s Resolve discussion group or book club and invite me to facilitate or participate in the conversation. I am serious about starting conversations anywhere and everywhere.
  • Leave a review: If Resolve resonated with you or provided valuable insights, consider leaving a review on Amazon, Audible, and Goodreads. Alternatively, send it via email directly for us to share on social media or in Alice’s weekly blog, anonymously or otherwise: Your feedback helps amplify the message and reach other survivors, allies, and advocates who may benefit from this resource. 
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