Empowering survivors, fostering understanding and driving change — RESOLVE by Alice Perle is the transformative memoir that shines a light on sibling sexual abuse, offering healing, hope and a voice for the silenced.

Award-winning journalist Nance Haxton interviewed Alice courtesy of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s Keeping Kids Safe podcast. You will find the recording on Soundcloud via this link or the Keeping Kids Safe Podcast is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Reader Reviews from global Amazon sites, Goodreads, Audible and received via mail:

Subject which needs wider public attention. Sibling sexual abuse is the most common form of intra-familial child sexual abuse, at least 3x more common than parent/child incest. Yet it’s rarely talked about in society or reported by the media. Charting the author’s experience of sibling sexual abuse over many years, her disclosure in adulthood and her journey towards healing and recovery, this powerfully written book should be essential reading for all social workers, counsellors and mental health specialists as well as anyone personally affected by this issue. Gritty, truthful and ultimately uplifting and redemptive – an outstanding work that deserves a wide audience.

– Stuart Allardyce, Director, Stop It Now! UK and Ireland, | Lucy Faithfull Foundation UK and co-author, with Peter Yates, of two publications: ‘Abuse at the Heart of the Family: The Challenges and Complexities of Sibling Sexual Abuse’ and ‘Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Knowledge and Practice Overview’ for the Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse.

If you are a survivor, or know a survivor, this book will help you feel seen, heard and understood. “Resolve” takes us through her early years as Little Alice. Her words vividly transport you to the playground, school, and the painful moments at home. Alice narrates her story gently (with a soothing Australian accent), providing warnings and care as she guides you through her life. Her meticulous research and exploration of family history shed light on the ‘whys’ that often haunt survivors. Alice’s ability to validate the experiences of others who have been through similar struggles is reassuring and empowering. Alice has embarked on a profound healing journey, and her memoir serves as a testament to her wisdom and resilience. Her willingness to share her heartbreak and insights is a powerful reminder of the importance of storytelling. I’ve never met Alice, but as a fellow survivor, and through messaging with her, I feel a profound connection with her and consider her a dear friend.

– Jane Epstein, TedX Speaker Boca Raton, Co-Founder 5Waves and IncestAware, Advocate, USA

Honest, accessible, informative account of sibling sexual abuse. This is a very readable book, honest and real, yet also offering factual context and objective perspective, on a subject that few have been able to address and even fewer have been able to listen to and understand. Alice Perle writes in a way that makes it accessible, and gives hope for healing without sugarcoating. Highly recommended, to the millions of survivors out there, and also to parents, friends, professionals, and community members who can benefit from greater understanding and awareness of this common, devastating, and hidden form of child sexual abuse.

– ME, Co-Founder 5Waves, Advocate, USA

At the beginning of the book, my arms reached out to embrace young Alice. To shield and protect her from the horror of the relentless sibling abuse. At the end of the book, my arms reached out in resounding applause to give Alice a standing ovation. A beautifully written book of triumph over evil. The story of the transformative journey from vulnerable abused child and traumatised adult, to thriving survivor and ambassador for awareness and change. Don’t shy away from the book because of the subject matter. It’s a great and powerful read!

– Sharen Hynd, a survivor ally, Noosa Heads, Australia

A powerful story of courage and hope. I am a psychologist who works with survivors of childhood sexual abuse and I am also a survivor. In my work I have had clients who have experienced sibling sexual abuse and who continue to feel shame, guilt, and self-blame because of the taboo attached to this type of abuse. I found Alice’s book to be a very authentic, open, painstakingly honest account of the trauma that she endured as a young girl/woman. Alice was courageous to put her experience into words and her motivation to write this book was to help others speak up and start their own healing journey. Ultimately, Resolve is a message of hope. It is a message to those who have borne the burden of abuse alone, that it is okay to talk about these experiences, so that they can feel validated and seen. I highly recommend this book to therapists and to the brave women who have suffered in silence. Resolve can benefit family members and give them some insight into your wife/partner/mother/sister/daughter/friend’s world.

– Dr Rosie Shiels, Psychologist, Australia

More Reviews (headings only):

‘Beautiful and enlightening.’ – Anne Moody, Adoption Agency Director and author of The Children Money Can Buy and The Baby Market. Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

‘A brave and inspiring story about sibling sexual abuse and what follows. A must-read for us all. – Emma Rees, Doctor of Philosophy, PHD, Child Sexual Exploitation: England, UK.

‘Compelling Victim to Creator Journey.’ – David Emerald, best-selling author of The Power of TED* and The 3 Vital Questions, Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA.

This memoir is freeing, inspiring and validating.– Jeannine L Rashidi, best-selling author of Abundance Beyond Trauma, California, USA.

‘This is a fantastic book on the topic of sibling sexual abuse.’ – Diane Tarantini, child safety educator and author of ‘The Brave Knight’ and memoir ‘Everyone Was Silent’, West Virginia, USA.

‘A Story of Courage, Resilience and Transformation of the Soul. – Merilee Smith, Culture Transformation Coach, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

‘An utterly devastating and important read for us all.’ – Dr Nicole Creber, award-winning educator and best-selling author, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.

‘Resolve is the most compelling book I have ever read.’ – Terry Edwards, Educator of 56 years and former Christian Brother, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.

RESOLVE is an intimate, wild ride from darkness and confusion to triumphant self-determination and inner peace. Living with a dark secret inside her, Alice Perle has overcome many obstacles on her path to healing in the shadow of sibling sexual abuse.

Needing to understand her experiences at a deeper level, Alice’s personal story is interwoven with her fascinating explorations of societal and intergenerational factors. RESOLVE showcases an eclectic approach to healing that helped Alice reclaim her true self, freeing her to create a bright, joyous, peaceful life.

RESOLVE is respectfully and sensitively written for all readers. It is a memoir infused with hope and optimism. It is an inspiring story, offering us an intriguing window into one woman’s experience recovering from sibling sexual abuse – the hidden taboo.

You can purchase RESOLVE at Amazon or any other online bookstore. Please ask your local library and good bookstore to order a copy. Thank you.

No one benefits from silence apart from the abuser. It’s time to speak about the unspoken. Alice hopes that Resolve will help one survivor, one person at a time.

Thank you,

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We know this is an uncomfortable topic and that RESOLVE may be triggering. You will find a short list of incredible organisations you can reach out to for help today:  SUPPORT

The author and publisher acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi people, the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands upon which we work, live and sustain ourselves and where Resolve has been written. We pay our respects to their elders, past and present, and recognise that First Nations sovereignty was never ceded. This continent has been and always will be Aboriginal land.

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