About the Author

Alice Perle, an indie author and survivor of sibling sexual abuse, published her memoir “Resolve” through Blue Borage Publishing. Beyond her writing, Alice is a passionate lived experience expert, dedicated to breaking the silence surrounding sibling sexual abuse. With a background in leadership, coaching and facilitation, she specialises in personal empowerment and self-leadership.

Residing on the picturesque Sunshine Coast in South-East Queensland, Australia, Alice finds joy in the company of her loving husband, adult children, and close circle of creative friends. Together, they create moments of magic that enrich her life.

The value Alice brings through choosing to share her story in Resolve and engaging with survivors, allies, advocates and professionals as a lived-experience expert is multifaceted:
  1. Personal Empowerment: Resolve offers readers a deeply personal narrative of resilience, courage, and healing, providing validation and empowerment to survivors of sibling sexual abuse and those impacted by trauma.
  2. Insight and Understanding: Through Alice’s memoir and advocacy work, readers gain valuable insights into the complexities of sibling sexual abuse, fostering greater understanding and empathy for survivors and their experiences.
  3. Professional Development: Resolve is essential reading for professionals in psychology, counselling, social work, and related fields. It offers valuable perspectives on working with trauma survivors.
  4. Advocacy and Awareness: By sharing her story and advocating for survivors, Alice is contributing to raising awareness and breaking the silence surrounding sibling sexual abuse, driving societal change and supporting prevention and intervention efforts.
  5. Community Building: Alice’s work fosters a sense of community and solidarity among survivors, advocates, and professionals, creating a supportive network for healing, growth, and positive change.

Alice is enthusiastic about discussing potential collaborations through speaking, research input, panel engagements, workshops, and delivering her programs that empower all people impacted by sibling sexual abuse.

Alice is happy to be interviewed, join podcasters as a guest, speak at conferences or events, and share her story.

Download Alice’s MEDIA KIT. This includes information about RESOLVE, the author’s bio, and reader reviews. When scheduling an event, article, or engagement, a profile picture will be provided.

We know this is an uncomfortable topic and that RESOLVE may be triggering. You will find a short list of incredible organisations you can reach out to for help today:  SUPPORT

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